Hilda Celebrates a Hole in 101 with her Fellow Golfers May 3rd 2012

Born and brought up in Otley, Mrs Hindle celebrated her 101st birthday with staff and fellow residents of Abbeydale, Grove Road, on Wednesday. But the day before her birthday, she was taken on a trip back to Otley, to visit the club on Bradford Road, where she is a life member.

In her 45 years as a golfer, Mrs Hindle won more than 40 trophies, and was ranked as one of the top amateur players in Yorkshire. She was Otley ladies' captain in 1954 and president in 1963.

Golfers who had played alongside her were at the clubhouse on Tuesday.

She pointed out her old house, close to the golf club, to friends who took her on the visit.

As well as her golfing achievements, Mrs Hindle is known to many Otley people as she worked at Carol's fashion shop in Otley and was married to Norman Hindle, a councillor and eventually mayor of the town.

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